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Mauritius Food

A cuisine of ethnic diversity with the best of French, Indian, Chinese and African influences creating a fusion of vibrant flavours

Mauritius takes its food seriously. Wonderful local fruits and vegetables are mixed with a core of tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic and chilies to produce a range of flavours. The spices grown on the island are added to this mix and along with wonderful meats and of course the fruits of the Ocean almost anything is possible.

Indeed sometimes the only thing stopping you from exploring the wonders of Mauritian food is the penchant the islanders have for adding chili to absolutely everything. They like their food hot!

For tourists they generally tone things down, leaving you to enjoy the right intermix of flavours in classic creole, indian and french cookery.

Street food is particularly delicious and always safe to eat. Indian style pancakes served with a myriad of chutneys to please the taste buds.

A particular local delight is the 'sauce rouge' that gets liberally splattered on seafood. Try it and discover for yourself why the locals eat so much of it. it is a sweet tangy tomato sauce that works perfectly with shellfish.

High end gastronomy on Mauritius is undergoing a great revival. Some seriously great chefs have made their way here in recent years. Ask at your hotel for the latest best restaurant in town. The staff will be happy to point you in the right direction.

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