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Mauritius Wildlife

When people think of the natural winders of Mauritius the first animal that sprinfs to mind is the Giant tortoise. Some of our residents are known to be over 150 years old.

These really are wonderful animals, but we have a host of other fantastic wildlife for visitors to enjoy.

Deer and Macaque monkeys are probably the largest mamals you will see unless you take a whale watching boat ride.

Beautiful birds such as the The Echo Parakeet, the world's rarest parrot may be found alongside The Pink Pigeon, the worlds rarest pigeon which might be spotted in the wet upland forests.

The Rodrigues Fruit Bat has been saved from extinction as has the mauritius kestrel which at one point was down to just four specimens. There are now over 350 kestrels on the island due to sustained conservation efforts.

Other renown species you might see on mauritius include:

The flora of Mauritius includes more than 700 species of native flowering plants.

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